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Everyone's story is a little different. Perhaps you're the CMO of a growing consultancy and you need exciting blog content to set your team apart and grow inbound leads. Perhaps you're the founder of a startup and you need edgy articles to submit to industry magazines. Perhaps you're a visionary reflecting on your success and need a published book about your journey to further accelerate your personal brand. Perhaps your story is different from all of the above. 

For every story, for any audience, I will write it with the same care, confidence and fervor as I write my own. As a published poet and essayist, a consultant on marketing and branding, and a partial owner in several startups, I've learned the power of professional storytelling knows no bounds. 

With the right storyteller, a 200-page work of fiction can move a reader as much as reading a company's blog for two minutes. 

Hire the one who can write them both. 

How To Hire A Ghostwriter

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Quick & Powerful

After a quick chat about your desired keywords, intent and angle, I'll whip up content you and your customers will love.

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Unique & Evergreen

Longer projects have longer lifespans. Let's talk long-term goals and I'll craft a piece of content to propel you there. 

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Career Changing

Publish a full-length book under your own name that shares your story in a way you never thought possible. 

Talk To A Ghostwriter

Shoot me a quick email with a project brief outlining what you've got in mind. I'll get back to you before you can finish reading my latest blog. 

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